Choppy FX and the USD still weak

Thurs 26th June (4.30 pm HCMC)

I am still away and not getting to see my charts that often but it seems I have been spared some choppy action.

Indices: The USD remains weak and below the weekly 200 EMA. The EURX is holding up still for now:




TC Signal: I have received a new TC signal on the Kiwi BUT it is trading at a major monthly chart high. I nearly think it would be safer to concede the 30 or so pips and wait to see if it can break and hold above the 0.88 level. I would suspect that some traders will be looking to short at this level and so price action may become more choppy here:

Kiwi 4hr:


Kiwi monthly:


Other FX: I do note that, for now at least, the A/U is back above the 0.94, the Cable above the 1.70 and the GBP/JPY above the 173.

E/U: chopping higher and any close and hold above the 1.365 S/R level would be bullish. It is keeping a lid on price for now:


A/U: choppy BUT back above the 0.94:


Cable: choppy BUT back above the 1.70:


GBP/JPY:  choppy BUT back above the 173:


U/J: has made a triangle break BUT this move has little momentum just yet. No new TC signal here at all:


AUD/NZD daily: has broken back below the key 1.075 and below a support trend line BUT no new valid TC signal here at all:


Gold: has tested the daily 200 EMA and I’m thinking a test of the $1,300 might still evolve: