Sun 29th Dec 2013

Some more charts worth watching. Add these to the lists from previous December posts (below). Pay close attention to where these stocks close for the end of month/end of year. I will update these again when I get back home in the New Year:

YHOO: this one is really exciting! Watch for any hold above the $40 at year end!


KRFT: looking bullish as it trades closer to the apex of a triangle pattern:


TGT: struggling to hold it together within the triangle pattern:


AA: I’m looking to get back into this trade!


ABX: I’m also watching this trend line for any bullish break. The USD will most likely determine this trade though:

ACI: watching this still too:

BK: this is getting close to attempting the triangle breakout:

CLF: I’m watching for any break and hold above $30 here:

FCX: any break and hold above the $38 would be quite bullish here I think:

HPQ: this is getting exciting as it approaches the $30 ‘neck line’ level of the bullish inverse H&S pattern!



Tue 24th Dec 2013A number of stocks are looking rather bullish and/or reaching key levels as the month end approaches. I’m away for the next week but thought I’d post charts of those stocks that have caught my interest.I’m in trades on some of these already and looking to add to these after the December candles close and I return from holidays. I’ll be buying some Calls and selling some Puts:YHOO: This has broken the $40 level and this is a major break!


CAT: has made a bullsih triangle break:


EBAY: looking bullish!


INTC: ditto!


MRK: watch for a possible December close above the $50


MSFT: has drifted back below the $37 BUT watch this level next week:


AA: holding out from the bullish wedge breakout:


BAC: watch for any bullish hold above $15 at month end:


BK: I’m watching the $35 level!


HPQ: the $30 seems pretty important here:


MGM: Still looking bullish:


PFE: the $30 level key here too:


WEN: $10 important here:


X: US Steel: Still looking bullish:


Tuesday 13th Dec 2013

Some of the following stocks continue to look bullish and continue to catch my eye:
YHOO: this has already almost doubled from the first triangle break I had stalked. Another key level is looming now at $40!
  • Jul 14 $40 Call @ $3.95. Expensive so I’m clearly not the only person stalking this trade!




CAT: a bullish triangle breakout might be looming:



INTC: I’m looking at:
  • Jan 14 $24 Put @ 0.34 cents and
  • July 14 $25 Call @ $1.50




KRFT: a bullish triangle break looming here too! I’m looking at:
  • Jan 14 $52.50 Put @ 0.55 cents and
  • June 14 $55 Call @ $2.30.




MRK: watching for a triangle break above the $50. I’m watching the:
  • July 14 $50 Call @ $2.11.




MSFT: holding above the $37:



NUE: holding above the $50:



WMT: has had a monthly close above the $80 and looking like it might try to continue.
  • June 14 $80 Calls @ $3.05




YUM: looking bullish although monthly Elliott differs. has made a bullish monthly close above the $75:
  • July 14 $75 Calls @ $5.05! Expensive!




AAPL: still looking bullish:



ABX: no bullish trend line break or reversal here just here BUT I’m keeping an eye on it just in case:




ACI: this has made a bullish close above $4.50 and trend line break here and I’m looking to buy:



BAC: This is holding above the $15 level still. I’m long here but looking to add more!



BK: seems inevitable that it will attempt the $35:
  • June 14 $35 Calls @ $1.38:




BTU: I’m watching for a weekly close above the $19:



GE: this stock has already delivered a 22% move from a triangle break I had been stalking previously. It is still looking bullish and has more room to move:
  • Jan 14 $26 Put @ 0.31 cents
  • June 14 $27 Call @ $1.39




HPQ: still looking bullish as it holds out from a triangle break:
  • Dec 13 $26 Put @ 0.15 cents for 11 days!




M: Macy’s: has held up from the $50 triangle break:



MGM: I’ve been in this stock/ trade all year. It looks like it’s picking up steam again and has plenty of room to move:
  • June 14 $21 Call @ $1.92:




MU: I’m long here from $6!


PFE: this is holding up from the $30 triangle break:
  • Jan 14 $30 Put @ 0.15 cents
  • June 14 $32 Call @ $ 1.29




SKX: this triangle breakout continued:


X: I caught most of this move with a long Call option. I’m out now but looking to get back in but waiting for a new TS signal first. It has a lot of room to move:



XLF: has made a bullish triangle break but might pick up some more steam:



ZNGA: the $4 level is still key here:


SLW: as with ABX, I’m watching for any bullish reversal here:



GDX: Gold Miners ETF: watching for any bullish reversal here too: