FX: AUD$ up BTC$ down.

This is just a brief FX update. The AUD$ got a move on last session and triggered some reasonable TC signals and the sell-off with BTC/USD has continued.


AUD/USD 4hr: a trend line breakout here and move above the key 0.77 level. This is the level to watch for any new make or break:

AUD/USD 15 min: the Aussie usually isn’t a great candidate for TC but gave an ok signal during the US session for 5R


AUD/JPY 4hr: this is now at 100 pips and above the key 87 level:

AUD/JPY 15 min: another TC signal here but just at 2 R for now:

Bitcoin: I had replied to a Tweet mid week noting the bearish reversal signals setting up on Bitcoin. There was a

  • bearish Double Top¬†setting up at $20,000.
  • bearish-reversal Hanging Man setting up on the weekly.

BTC/USD daily: this was the daily chart at that time:

This is the daily chart today showing how these bearish reversal signals were on the money! The weekly 61.8% fib is down near $8,000 so that would be an area I would keep in mind if this sell off continues.

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