FX for Fri 14th July.

The US$ is still running much of the FX show but looks like it will only manage to print an indecision style daily Doji but this will at least team up with the indecision style weekly Spinning Top. There needs to be a decisive break away form the 95.50 level, either up or down, to trigger greater movement across FX pairs.

USDX: got some support from Fed Chair Yellen but can still only manage a daily Doji! The 95.50 level remains the one to watch for any make or break.

Trend line breakouts: there were two new, albeit small, breakouts last session on the Kiwi and GBP/JPY:

AUD/USD 4hr: now up 120 pips. The break above 0.77 is a major move and any hold above this level will help develop the 1,700 pip daily/weekly chart triangle breakout:

A/U 4hr:

A/U weekly: my software hasn’t captured today’s move above 0.77 cents but the overall picture is clear: there had been a bullish triangle breakout but 0.77 was major S/R. 

GBP/AUD 4hr: has now given up to 200 pips:

EUR/AUD 4hr: has now given up to 240 pips:

USD/CNH 4hr: has given up to 230 pips and note how the daily support trend line is holding for now. This is the level to watch for any new make or break:

NZD/USD 4hr: a new breakout for just 80 pips but note the TC LONG off the 15 min chart that was available here:

GBP/JPY 4hr: a rather low momentum push to the upside for 90 pips but keep an eye on the 147 S/R level for any new make or break. There was a TC 15 min LONG here which would have worked if the Stop was the other side of the trend line:

Other Charts: most other FX charts are similar to how they were in the last update. These few deserve a mention though:

GBP/USD: looks to be trying for a bullish breakout but little 4hr momentum here just now. There was a 15 min chart TC LONG here but it needed a large Stop:

Oil 4hr: keep an eye on the trend lines here:

ASX-200: there was a 15 min TC LONG here yesterday but the Stop needed was too large. Price is back closer to the Cloud today making for lower risk. Trend lines have been revised on the 15 min chart:

CAD/JPY: this pair is back near the major S/R level of 89 so watch for any new make or break from here. FWIW: any 61.8% fib pullback on the 4hr chart would bring price back to the previously broken 2 1/2 year trend line:

CAD/JPY 4hr:

CAD/JPY daily:

CAD/JPY weekly:

CAD/JPY monthly: