I use MT4 to chart, analyse and trade my Forex.

Dean Malone produced a video to show how to add historical data to your MT4 platform.It can be found through this link here.

He has also posted a video on how to use drawing tools.

Another video discusses how to transfer indicators and templates.

Dean Malone is also a fan of the 200 Moving Average. I rely on the 200 EMA heavily so gravitated to this video he produced on the topic.

In July 2015 Dean posted another excellent video about how to get the most out of MT4 which is particularly useful for traders new to MT4. This video is around 90 minutes long though so grab a coffee before you load it for viewing. And note, this video takes quite a few minutes to load. The topics that Dean covers in this video include:

  • Top Ten FAQs
  • How to Place Orders
  • How to Set Price Alerts and Trailing Stops
  • How to Create Templates and Multiple Chart Profiles
  • How to Work with Trend Lines & Custom Indicators

 Other Dean Malone CompassFX videos can be found through this link.