USA Stocks

My TS USA Stocks Watch Lists:

I have two watch lists of about 50 stocks that I have put together over the last few years.  The development of my stock lists is, in itself, a narrative that could fill a book. I track the progress of these stocks through use of a software package (Profit Source from Hubb) where I have my TS criteria loaded.My ‘Prime Watch List of Stocks’: My ‘Prime List’ contains stocks that I am generally happy to own.  They are good, dividend paying stocks with historically strong fundamentals. I do look to own these stocks but will only purchase them at a discount. I look to be able to own the stocks at a level significantly below the ‘fair value’ estimate that is quoted on Morningstar, the site I use to obtain stock and option data and information.  I like to buy in at a discount to fair value of about 25% or more.

My ‘Seconds Watch List of Stocks’: These are stocks that I like but that may not have the same level of strong fundamentals as the Prime Stocks.

Examples of stocks on watch list:

The following charts show some of these stocks that have made decent price moves over recent weeks. Like with my FX trading, I look to the ADX and trend line breaks to give me signals to enter into trades.  You will see from these examples how it was entirely possible that I was able to make a 20% gain on my account within just a few months during late 2010:

AA: Alcoa: made a run from $9.50 – 11 recently.  A 16% increase.
ADBE: Adobe: Has made a run recently from $31 to $34 and looks set to probably break higher from a recent triangle break out. A 9.5% increase.

AMD: Advanced Micro Devices: Has had a run from $6 to around $7.75. A 29% increase!

DEL: Dell  Has increased from $16.30 to about $18.40. A 13% increase.

FAST: Fastenal This stock has surged from $44 to about $53, A 20% increase.

GE: General Electric $18 to about $19.50. An 8.3% increase.

HD: Home Depot This has also had a good run from about $40 to about $48. A 20% increase.

KFT: Kraft Has moved about $2 from 37 -39. A 5% increase!

LOW: Lowes Has rallied fro $24 to about $28.50 and looks set to try for another trend line break out and up soon again! A 19% increase!

MGM: MGM Resorts International This stock has rallied from $11 to $15. A 36% increase!

MSFT: Microsoft This has rallied on a triangle breakout from about $27 to around $32. An 18% increase.
MU: Micron Technologies I LOVE this little stock.  So do several million other people!  It rallied from $7 to $9 recently. A 28% increase.  I had a great run with this stock at the end of 2010!

WGO: Winnebago Has increased from $8 to about $10.50.  A 30 % increase!

YUM: Yum Brands Moved from $60 to about $66. A 10% increase.