Stocks Aug 2014

Sun 17th Aug

I’ve noted some stocks with bullish patterns that hold my interest at the moment.

AMAT: AMAT is looking like it might make an attempt at breaking up through the $24 resistance level:

AMATmonthly AMATweekly AMAT daily

I sold Put Options here during the week BUT, if AMAT makes a break and hold above the $24 level, then I will be buying Call Options. The Elliott Wave indicator on the monthly chart is suggesting a deep pull back here and, thus, I am keeping an open mind until I see some confirmation.

AA: I have been saying for many weeks how I expected the $18 value to be tested here. Price is currently consolidating just under this level now. I am selling Puts here too.

AAweekly AA

INTC: I am still bullish on this stock. I was assigned at $26 and I’m happy to hold here and I continue to sell Puts as well:

INTCmonthly INTCweekly INTC

BAC: Continues to hold above the $15 level:


BK: has been consolidating under a long term bear trend line. Any bullish breakout would support Put selling or Call buying.

BKmonthly BKweekly BK

HD: this is looking bullish as it trades above the $82 level now. Note the momentum on the daily chart:

HDweekly HD

HPQ: still supporting a bullish outlook:


LULU: not one I trade BUT notice how the decline has respected fib levels:


MU: Option premiums have been very high here lately and I’m back selling Puts. I’m cautious though and have been selling the Sept $26 Puts. The daily chart is looking a bit bullish at the moment:


WTW: I’m on the lookout for any bullish breakout here although Elliott Wave suggests this would be part of an overall bearish move:

WTWweekly WTW

YHOO: this is looking a bit bullish as it pushes up against a ‘Bull Flag’ trend line but there isn’t much momentum with this move just yet.


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