Stocks: Feb 14

Sunday 16th Feb:This post contains an update of some some of the stocks that I have been tracking. Some of these were posted mid-week in a Gold update and I will discuss these stocks first off:

Gold & Silver Stocks Update:

SLW: This was @ $25.28 when I posted mid -week and has held up from the triangle break and is now sitting @ $25.38. I sold puts on this during the week:


ABX: This was @ $19.57 when I posted mid -week and has held up from the triangle break and is now sitting @ $20.34:


AUY: This was @ $10.26 when I posted mid -week and has held up from a trend line break and is now sitting @ $10.57:

HL: This was @ $3.30 when I posted mid -week and has now made a triangle break and is sitting @ $3.47


NG: This was @ $3.26 when I posted mid -week and has yet to make a trend line break but is getting close. This is now sitting @ $3.44:close. This is now sitting @ $3.44:


Other stocks:

HPQ: this has now closed above the key $30 and I’m on the lookout for any hold above this level as it would support a bullish ‘inverse H&S’ break:





WEN: I’m still on the lookout for any break of the $10 level here:


XLF: I’m selling CSNP along the way here:


CAT: this has delivered over 10% after being flagged for a triangle breakout!





BHP: this needs watching as it nears a possible triangle break:

CPB: this is setting up in a potentially bullish break from an ‘inverse H&S’ pattern.  The $43 level is the ‘neck line’ here. These patterns have delivered bullish moves on DIS (Disney) and WAG (Walgreen) and these charts are posted below:

DIS: bullish ‘inverse H&S’ move:


WAG: bullish ‘inverse H&S’ move:




EBAY: watch out for any channel break here:


INTC: this is looking bullish as it holds above the $24 level:


LOW: watch out for any ‘flag’ break here; up or down!
MSFT: holding above the $37. Another monthly candle close above this level would be quite





MRK: has continued to hold after the trend line break from the $50 level. This level should develop into new support here:



Sunday 9th Feb

S&P500: this index has had a 50% fib pull back now and that might be all we will get for the time being.
I’ve been looking over my charts and there are a number of stocks that continue to look quite strong and/ or bouncing of support.
AVP: bouncing off support:

CAT: triangle break holding:

CPB: a bullish inverse H&S might be forming:

INTC: the $24 level continues to be significant: 

LOW: might be a new Bull Flag forming:

MRK: holding above the $50:

MSFT: $37 still key:


NKE: the double top delivered and may have now completed. There might be a new Bull Flag forming. Watch the trend lines here:

NUE: support trend line holding: 

TGT: the H&S has delivered some move but I’m watching for any return of strength: 

TJX: the double top may have completed here too: 

AA: holding above $11 and looking strong:

ADBE: has kept yielding after the triangle break from last year!


BAC: holding above the key $15:

BK: daily support broke BUT is this just a Bull Flag forming up? Watch trend line breaks for clues! 

HPQ: an exciting stock for sure. Watch for any break of the $30! 


MGM: keeping on keeping on! 


M: holding above the key $50:

PFE: the $30 level is key here still: 

SLW: one to watch for sure if Silver keeps moving up! 

WEN: watch for any break of the $10 here. There is history of much higher here! 


YHOO: The $40 level still vital here but may be a Bull Flag forming here too: 

Monday 3rd Feb

AA: Alcoa:
This stock continues with its impressive rally and has managed to close out January above the key S/R level of $11. I will continue to trade this stock with Puts, Calls and Covered Calls.
AA monthly: there is a lot of upside potential here:

AA monthly expanded: A bullish monthly candle:

AA weekly:

AA daily:

I am travelling at the moment but will update more stocks during the week.