TC results from Wed 25th.

The A/U and Gold signals from Tuesday closed off for no further gain. There were four new TC signals today and three of the four worked: E/U for 25, EUR/CAD for 40, EUR/AUD for 90 and a loss, yet again, on the Kiwi for -30. Before and after screen shots of the charts are shown below. I’m out for Thursday but will be back on Friday.

EUR/USD: only gave 25 before reversing.



EUR/CAD: gave up to 40 before reversing:

ec30min ec30mincloud

EUR/AUD: has given 90 and is still going:

ea30 ea30mincloud

Kiwi: another loss here, as per usual. About -30 this time.  #dropped! 

kiwi30min kiwi30mincloud