Tech Patterns: April 2014

28th April 2014:

XSO: Aussie small caps: this is a new triangle chart that I am watching/stalking:

Some triangle breakout chart updated results appear below:

CAT: I noted back in Nov last year how CAT looked set to make a triangle break out. This triangle break has now delivered a 22% move:

This is how the chart appeared back then when I posted:



This is how the CAT chart appears now:

FDX: I noted a triangle breakout last January on Fedex. This technical move has now delivered over 40% . This was how the chart appeared when I posted back on Jan 30th 2013:
This is how the FDX chart appears now:

MU: this has been a great earner for me. I had sold $6 puts and was assigned at the end of 2012.

I held on to the stock though and only sold out recently at $21. Price has reached up to $25 though and this represents a huge gain of 280%:
MU daily
MU weekly