Trading Week 22/07/13

Friday 26th July (7.50 pm)

E/U: the E/U is trying to take on the weekly 200 EMA at the moment. The indices are still aligned for ‘risk on’:

Friday 26th July (2.15 pm)

Ichimoku Alignment: the EURX and USDX are, once again, aligned for ‘risk on’ momentum on the 4hr and daily chart time frames. Previous periods of maintained alignment have resulted in strong trending periods. Thus, I’m keen to see if this current alignment can hold.

Friday 26th July (2 pm)

USDX: still sitting on the 81.70 S/R level
EURX: sitting under the channel trend line:

E/U: TS signal holding up

Kiwi:  TS signal holding up

Friday 26th July (7.20 am)

AAPL: I note that AAPL is now back above its Ichimoku Cloud. A ‘weekly’ close and hold above this support would be quite bullish:

Friday 26th July (7.10 am)
E/U: a long signal on my 7am candle. It has the weekly 200 EMA above it so any follow through will probably be choppy :

Kiwi: BTW a signal came through on my 11pm candle:

S&P500: stocks are holding up at the ‘new highs’ area. Some daily divergence evident though:

Friday 26th July (6.50 am)

The USDX is back down at a key S/R level. 81.70 has been significant over recent weeks as the weekly chart reveals:
EURX: seems poised for a trend channel break:

USDX and EURX Ichimoku: The indices look set to fall back into alignment for ‘risk on’. I need to see where the daily USDX candle closes:

A/U: short signal closed for a loss but a new long signal is building. A daily trend line is above price action and I’d like to see that break too:

U/J: this signal closed for a loss too:
E/U: a long signal is building here. Price is above the Ichimoku Cloud on the 4hr and the daily charts. That’s what I call ‘confluence’. No guarantee but….confluence!:
G/U: a LONG building here too:
Swissie: a short here too that adds weight and confluence:

Thursday 25th July (3.10 pm)

S&P500: I think that price could consolidate a bit and struggle at this level for a while:
S&P500 weekly:

GBP/AUD: I didn’t get the cleanest of TS signals but price is well up from the triangle break itself! 

Kiwi: This is looking more like a Bull Flag now. The trend line breaks helped here:
No other new signals yet.

Thursday 25th July (7am)

USDX: this has bounced a bit off the bottom edge of the Cloud. But, the EURX has had a bit of a bounce too!

EURX: price is butting up close to the upper trend line of the daily chart trading channel:

S&P500: choppy around the new high 

S&P500 weekly

Silver and Gold have pulled back with the USD rally and their signals have closed. Both are still up and out from their triangle breaks though. I’m still watching to see where Gold closes for the week;


E/U: I might just get that new signal around the 1.32!

A/U: pulled back on the poor data and has given a new sell signal. I’m wary here though, especially if Gold picks back up: 

EUR/AUD: the pullback with the AUD is helping the Aussie crosses: 

G/U: not looking that healthy at the moment: 

Kiwi: has had a bull trend line break but I’m cautious as it could just be a bull flag forming. So, trend line breaks here will help: 
U/J: a new signal here at the 100 area….again!

G/A: I actually thought that this might break down! It has broken up though and is trying to form a new TS signal

AUD/NZD: I’m keeping half an eye on this as it continues to channel trade. NZD data out now too:

Wednesday 24th July (4.30 pm)

USDX: this is bouncing off the 4hr 200 EMA and back up in the Ichimoku Cloud again:

Today’s Chinese PMI was quite poor. it will be interesting to see how this impacts ‘risk appetite in the coming session.

Stocks & Triangles: please check the performance of my stocks with triangle breakouts here.

Stocks for July: some exciting set ups developing. See this link for details.

Wednesday 24th July (10.50 am)
Stocks & Triangles: please check the performance of my stocks with triangle breakouts here.

Stocks for July: some exciting set ups developing. See this link for details.

Wednesday 24th July (7 am)

There is AUD and CNY data out today. be careful around them. EUR data later today too. Check your trading calendar.

Wednesday 24th July (6.15 am)

USDX: This index looks set to close the day below the Ichimoku Cloud. This would then put the EURX and USDX into alignment for ‘risk on’ on both the 4hr and daily time frames. I would then want to see some follow through….something that has been lacking with recent alignments:

Gold and Silver continue to grind higher after their triangle breakouts:



A/J: This is trying to break out and up but I don’t have a TS signal just yet. The 4hr and daily 200 EMAs seem to be helping to keep a lid on price:

A/U: This is still holding out from the daily chart trading channel break. It is continuing to grind higher too, no doubt helped by Gold

GBP/AUD: one to watch closely. A TS signal building and a triangle break in the making: 
E/U: I was hoping for a new TS signal near the 1.32 level. I might not get it:
Kiwi: an ascending triangle here??? A break up through the 0.80 would be quite bullish:

Overall: some ‘risk on’ movement seems to be building with many pairs and this ties in with the indices. 

Tuesday 23rd July (8.30 pm)

The indices are chopping sideways again…


A/J: this is the main point of interest tonight. A TS signal trying to form and a possible bullish triangle breakout:
Gold and Silver are still up from their triangle breaks:


Tuesday 23rd July (7 am)

The USD continues to drift lower. This index is still in the daily Ichimoku Cloud though so the choppiness goes on. If this index falls down through its daily Cloud the indices will be aligned for ‘risk on’ though!

EURX: above its daily Cloud but needs to, like Dover from My Fair Lady….’moove your bloomin’ arse’! 

U/J: this signal has closed;

The Silver TS signal and triangle breakout has progressed:

The Gold triangle breakout has progressed too. I’m watching for a weekly close above $1,300 here, as per yesterdays notes.
A/U: the daily chart shows how price is holding out from the trading channel break:

E/U: I’m hoping to get a new TS signal if price can chop up over the 1.32 level:

Monday 22nd (4.30 pm)

Stocks July: I have posted an new page for Stocks: July. A little late I know but I’m just getting back into the swing of things after being away for 3 weeks.

Monday 22nd (4 pm)

Silver: A TS signal has come through on Silver:

Monday 22nd (11.35 am)

Hooley Dooley….check out Gold. This is the chart I posted on Sunday showing the w/e close with the triangle break looming:
Gold 4hr Sunday

Gold 4hr Monday: Gold has made a strong triangle breakout and is up about $22 and now back above the $1,300 level. The TS signal took too long to form here:

Silver: a triangle break is looming here too and a new 4 hr TS signal is building. I’ll need my 3pm candle to confirm though:

I’d be watching the Aussie now too! I don’t have a new TS signal yet but it is back above the 0.92 level.