Tue 18th: trading radar.

The US$ has continued to weaken, NZD CPI surprised to the upside as did Netflix with its earnings and this encouraged some ‘risk-on’ style trade during Tuesday’s Asian session. Today brings GBP and US CPI as well as CAD Manufacturing Sales and NZD GDT data. As well, JNJ and GS report before US market open.

USDX: the 98.15 and 98.50 remain resistance levels to watch:

USDX 4hr:


USDX monthly:


TC signals:

AUD/USD: this triggered a new TC signal yesterday that limped along doing little until the Asian session kicked in. Screen shots below show images taken when the signal triggered and the current status. This TC LONG move is still going and has delivered up to 70 pips thus far:

A/U 30 min: when signal triggered during Monday’s European session:


A/U 30 min now: still going but up 70 pips:


EUR/AUD: This gave a new SHORT signal during Asian trade but I’m not chasing. Note the hold below the major support trend line AND the break of the recent support 1.44 level:

E/A 30 min:


E/A monthly:


EUR/NZD: This gave a new SHORT signal during Asian trade but I’m not chasing. Note the break of the recent support trend line:

E/A 30 min:


E/N daily: watch for nay move down to the next triangle trend line:


S&P500 30 min: this has already triggered a new LONG TC signal off the 30 min chart.


USD/JPY: this has just triggered a new TC LONG signal BUT 104 is a hurdle to negotiate, especially with a falling US$ index. Today’s US CPI will impact this pair so caution is needed.


EUR/CAD: this did little yesterday but has just now triggered a new SHORT signal following the break of 1.44. Care is needed with CAD data later today though:



EUR/USD: the signal from yesterday closed off with little gain BUT note how price has reached the fib I had mapped out as a potential target!


AUD/JPY: this gave a triangle breakout but no clean TC LONG signal. The 80 is the big level to watch here now for any make or break as the monthly chart shows:



NZD/USD: I had Tweeted yesterday how this pair looked set for a move up to 0.72. This was the chart from that Tweet:


This is the chart now showing the target essentially reached! Watch now for any make or break of this 0.72 and trend line region:



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  1. My system gave an exit in the AUD at .7568 after a LONG entry at .765. It fell to 75 then promptly reversed with no LONG signal. I use this as a hedge but have now lost on the hedge trade and the AUD is going higher reducing my USD ETF values! 🙁

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