US$ bounce reminds: you’ve got to be nimble.

The US$ has bounced from support with the help from more US rate hike talk. Long term followers of my blog site will be aware of my preference for trend trading off shorter-time frame charts during these periods of FX Index Divergence and this was borne out during Tuesday’s US session. This post is an evaluation of how my TC Trigger handled this session.

USDX: the US$ index has bounced up from the ‘neck line support so watch to see if can break back above the 100 level; this was support but will now be resistance:

TC Signals: there were numerous profitable 15 min chart TC signals overnight with a few failed ones as well. The advantage of trading off this shorter time frame though is that failed signals tend to close off more quickly helping to minimise losses.

EUR/USD 15 min: this gave two SHORT signals. The first faded but the second signal, during the US session, was better:

EUR/JPY 15 min: only one valid signal during the European/US session:

AUD/USD 15 min: this gave two decent signals; one during the Asian session and on later in the day:

GBP/USD 15 min: this gave one failed signal just at the end of the Asian session but a better one during the US session:

USD/JPY 15 min: this gave two failed signals and one on one. I do find this pair is often one of the poorer performers with my TC algo on this time frame:

GBP/JPY 15 min: this gave one failed signal just after the Asian session but then one rather decent one shortly after:

USD/CNH 15 min: this pair often gives a decent signal during the Asian session and yesterday was another example of this. It then gave another signal later in the day:

USD/MXN 5 min: I’d noted on the w/e how I was looking for this pair to test the key 19 level and this 5 min chart shows how this effort could have been well tracked:

USD/TRY 15 min: one fail and then one good TC signal for the day:

Silver 15 min: only one valid signal for the day but it was a good one.