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TradeCharting Blog

This blog is a public record of my individual trading journey using my TradeCharting (TC) system to trade Forex and Stocks/Options/ETFs. I trade Forex from 4 hr and shorter time charts and Stocks / Options from daily charts. Please understand that I am not a licensed financial adviser and that this blog is not designed with the intent of offering trade suggestions or advice.  This is simply a site where I chart my personal trading journey with Forex and Stocks/Options.

Blog Structure:

This blog site has a number of ‘static’ pages where information is detailed.

There are also 4 main ‘dynamic’ blog feed updates posted as well:

  • There are usually 3 main blog feed posts/threads started each week:
  1. FX Indices Review.
  2. Trade Week Analysis.
  3. Trading Week: various blog posts during the trading week.
  • There is 1 blog feed post/thread called Stocks/Options‘ that is updated as information becomes available.

The 4 main blog feed posts/threads:

1. Weekend: ‘FX Indices Review‘ will be posted @ FX Indices tab:

A review of the EURX and USDX indices will be posted over the weekend and, at latest, before London open of a Monday morning.. An understanding of the levels on these indices will help to provide a ‘road map’ for trading the major currency pairs throughout the following week. This post / thread will appear under the tab ‘FX Indices’ on this blog site.

2. Weekend: ‘Trade Week Analysis‘ will be posted @ Forex tab:

A review of some of the major pairs and any particular or significant chart patterns, potential TC signals or trading levels will be discussed. This will give me a framework to work from at the start of the trading week. This post / thread will appear under the tab ‘Forex’ on this blog site.

3. During the week: Various blog posts detailing up to date analysis will be posted @ TradeCharting tab:

Many and varied trading articles will be posted throughout the week where I update my observations of events and action concerning the FX pairs on my current watch list. I generally sent Twitter alerts with each new post.  Articles will be posted throughout the days of the trading week whenever there is anything of worth to write about. For this reason, I consider that it is best to simply log in to the blog site if you wish to check for any article updates or follow me on Twitter.  Reviews of the indices, USDX and EURX are also updated in articles posted throughout the week. These posts will appear under the tab ‘Trade Spotting’ on this blog site.

4. Stocks/Options threads will be posted @ Stocks/Options tab:

This post will contain charts and comments about the stocks that have my current interest. This will also be the place where I would describe any trade that I take on these stocks. This post / thread will appear under the tab ‘Stocks/Options’ on this blog site.

How to Use this Blog site:

I suggest you proceed through the following steps if this is your first time to this site:

  1. Read the page ‘TC Outline‘.
  2. Read the page ‘The Risk On Risk Off Concept‘.
  3. Read the pages within ‘FX Indices’.
  4. Read the pages within ‘Forex’.
  5. Read the pages within ‘Ichimoku Cloud’.
  6. Read the pages within ‘Stocks / Options’.
  7. Scroll through images on the page ‘TC Examples‘.
  8. Read the pages on Disclaimer, Privacy and Terms of Use.

Log in to this site on a Sunday night to read my posts of:

  1.  FX Indices Review and
  2. Trade Week Analysis.

These posts give my approach to FX and Stock trading for the week ahead. Log in to this site throughout the trading week to read my updates and posts and to see if any TC trades evolve.


NB: Please note that prior to April 2014 my blog site was run from a different site and was referred to as TradeSpotting (TS). Thus, posts prior to April 2014 will appear with this terminology rather than TradeCharting (TC).