About TradeSpotting (TS)

This site tracks my trading of Forex and US Stocks/Options/ETFs using my TradeSpotting trend trading system. I trade FX using 4 hr charts and US Stocks/Options using daily charts.

I have developed my own trend-trading system, TradeSpotting (TS), that provides trade entry signals applicable to any trading instrument. TS uses a combination of indicators and provides traders with a fairly mechanical, trade entry system. Does the system work 100% of the time? No, but the system is successful in a majority of trades and, with effective money management, can be very profitable.

TS relies on catching strong, market-momentum moves. Mechanical systems offer an advantage in that they take out much of the anxiety and/or guess work about whether to place a trade or not. A trade is placed when all the indicators align at their optimum levels. My TS system is, thus, very visual and takes only moments to assess on any trading instrument (Forex, Stocks, ETFs, Futures etc) and on any time frame. Patience, discipline, a trade plan and good money management are the other critical ingredients in any successful trading regime.

Twitter: @tradespotting