ASX stocks: BPT and CWY

I was asked to review charts of two ASX stocks today, Beach Energy (BPT.asx) and Cleanaway Waste Management (CWY.asx) and my technical thoughts are published here. Both are displaying bullish momentum on the daily chart time frame and are trading well below their all time High.


Beach Energy: BPT


BPT monthly: trading well below the all time High. The $3 level seems to be the whole-number resistance to negotiate:


BPT weekly: bullish momentum, +DMI, trending higher here and $1.75 looks to be recent resistance and the next level to negotiate.


BPT daily: Bullish momentum dominates on this time frame. Watch for any break above the $1.75 recent resistance level. Any break and hold above $1.75 would bring the $3 level into focus.


Cleanaway Waste Management: CWY

CWY monthly: trading below all-time highs and bullish momentum looks to be building:


CWY weekly: note how price has already pulled back to test near the 61.8% Fibonacci. Watch trend lines for any new breakout:


CWY daily: bullish momentum is in play here so watch for any push to the recent High, near $2.63: