Aussie stocks on my hit list this week.

We had an exciting morning at the beach today with a shark alarm and Pol-Air chopper search. The rest of the morning and day has been by the pool and then a fun hour or so picking Aussie stocks to trade in the coming week. This is Hog Heaven for me! The following ASX stocks are the ones that have either caught my eye, that I'm currently trading or that I'm looking to trade this week or in coming sessions.

AMP: I've been stalking this for months and I've finally seen some Volume action with a breakout from a weekly triangle. I'm looking for any move up to the $11 region as this is previous S/R and near the long-term 61.8% fib:

APT daily: watching for any triangle breakout:

BAL daily: I think this will test $16 and, if it breaks to the upside, it's then into new and uncharted territory 🙂  I'm still LONG here:

BHP weekly: I think this is heading to test $35 S/R:

BKL weekly: watch for any new Flag-style breakout following its recent consolidation under the 61.8% fib:

DMP weekly: oh dear....I think this might be heading to test $35 S/R near the 61.8% fib. It's below the weekly Cloud as well:

EVN weekly: I'm still LONG here:

FMG weekly: Correction: I'm watching for any continuation from this new triangle breakout and, more importantly, a move back above $6. There isn't a lot of momentum here just yet but watch for any uptick with the ADX. There also hasn't been any Volume spike but that could change in the coming week. Certainly a 'watch this space' stock! However, I'm already LONG here after being assigned following a Put trade. Happy to hold for now though 🙂

FWD: watching this for any new breakout and. if so, for a move back to test $9:

LON: I posted about this previously but it has now broken out of the triangle. I'm watching for any move up to the weekly 61.8% fib circa $7.50:

STO monthly: I'm waiting for any move and hold above $6 to ride it up to $12:

WEB weekly: oh dear here too. I think if $9 support breaks then this will head to test the $6 region. Any hold above $9 could end up being a big Bull Flag forming up though: