Benefits of TC Membership

Background: My TradeCharting site started rather humbly as a method of distraction for me back in 2011 when I was undergoing chemotherapy. During that time it evolved to be a more professional site where I posted charts and detailed technical analysis on numerous trading instruments for free and on a very regular basis. From April 2018 access will continue to be available for a small subscription fee which respects my intellectual property given the time taken to prepare and post the various articles of analysis. I have enjoyed a lot of support over the years and received abundant positive feedback and I hope this relationship can continue with my many followers.

Mission: Trade Charting believes that the correct application of technical analysis can lead to more successful trading. Our Mission is to model the application of technical analysis so as to help create a more educated, informed and successful trader.

Membership of Trade Charting offers you exclusive access to the following:

  • A weekend report offering high level Technical Analysis and Commentary of the major Forex currencies and a summary of other global financial markets including Equity indices, Commodities and ETFs.
  • Access to charts of most various financial instruments showing key technical features across multiple time frames.
  • A systematic approach to evaluate key technical levels important and relevant to a variety of trading instruments.
  • A systematic approach to understanding and evaluating overall market sentiment.
  • Periodic reports offering detailed Technical Analysis of particular trading instruments that may present at important and noteworthy technical levels.
  • Modelling how to apply technical analysis and various indicators to analyse price action of various trading instruments.