FX: Fri arvo update.

Having just returned home I have noticed there were a few new TC signals off my earlier 1 pm candle close. These are essentially all the same trade though, as USD long signals, so I will manage risk accordingly. I am especially wary given the USD is back under major resistance again but hasn't been able to break up through this for the last 4 weeks. Failure again here could foil these signals.

USDX 4hr: still under resistance:


E/U: this could at least move down to test recent lows again. Watch for impact from tonight's CPI data:


A/U: is below major support and below the 4hr Cloud:


U/J: I'd prefer to see a close and hold above 118.5 before taking this one though:


Swissie: I'd prefer to wait until after this weekend's Swiss referendum though here: