FX update for NFP day.

The US$ has pulled back a bit which helped to trigger some great EUR-based trend line breakout trades over the last session. I'm hoping the TC Trial participants made some hay out of these great moves.

NB: I head off today for a long weekend break so chart updates will be brief during this period.

TC Trial Participants: please make sure you prepare your 4 hr charts with S/R trend lines prior to next week's trading.

USDX weekly: still bullish for the week but watch to see if 95.50 can hold up with NFP:

Trend line breakout trades: the bit of US$ weakness triggered some breakouts on the EUR pairs that I watch and are obviously correlated moves but they do point to the gain that could be had across a few options out of this recent move. Before and after breakout screen shots show below:

EUR/USD: a new 70 pip breakout move:

E/U 4hr:

E/U 15 min:  a great 3 R trade off a TC LONG:

EUR/AUD:  gave 100 pips:

E/A 4hr:

E/A 15 min:  a great 2.5 R trade off a TC LONG:

EUR/NZD: gave 100 pips

E/N 4hr:

E/N 15 min: a great 2.5 R trade off a TC LONG:

Other FX: Most other FX pairs are trading in much the same patterns as they were yesterday so check this post for those charts.

One of the TC Trial participants trades the USD/SEK and I'm wondering if they caught this breakout move from last session?