Sat 30th Nov / Sun 1st Dec

The following stocks are those that have made an interesting/bullish monthly candle close, or that are setting up for a possible technical break, and that I'm watching with the intent to trade.I am already long on a couple of these stocks and will be reviewing Option data early next week to decide on the particular new Option trades that I will be initiating.

I would be expecting those stocks that have made bullish monthly candle closes above key resistance levels to possibly pull back, at a minimum, to test these key levels.

HPQ: has made a monthly triangle breakout:


CAT: still watching:

MRK: a monthly close above $50


MSFT: a monthly close above $37:

WMT:  a monthly close above $80


YUM: a monthly close above $75

BAC: a monthly close above $15


M: a monthly close above $50


PFE: another monthly close above $30

YHOO: still watching the $35

EBAY: watching the $60

PEP: watching the $87

AAPL: might be about to trigger a new LONG signal:


CLF: watching for any bullish continuation:

Sat 23rd/Sun 24th November

The S&P500 closed above the 1,800 for the first time this week. Some stocks are pushing up to new levels too. The ones that I like are posted below. The monthly candles have another week to go beofre they close off and I'm keen to see where many of them finish up:
MRK: heading towards a triangle resistance level at $50:



MSFT: another weekly close above the $37 resistance level:



PEP: a double top forming or is a break of $87 just waiting to happen?



WMT: looking bullish as it pushes up to an all time high of $80:



YUM: this has broken through the key $75 resistance level:



BAC: this has made a weekly close above the $15 and is looking rather bullish. I am long Call options here. This stock has history back up at $55:



BK: this stock is heading up to test a key S/R zone at the $35 level. A break above this would be bullish and the stock has history up at $60:



M: Macys has closed at an all time high this week too:



VALE: watching for any potential triangle breakout:



WEN: watching for any bullish breakout here too:



X: I exited these Calls but will buy back in if bullish momentum picks back up:



YHOO: I already tracked one triangle break here but I'm on the lookout for another potential break. This time, the break I'm watching for is of the $40 level!



ZNGA: this closed the week out above the $4 level but I'm watching to see if it can close the month out above this S/R zone:



Sunday 10th Nov:

FB: I'm keeping an eye on the $45 level for a possible H&S:
GPS: this H&S didn't last long though!

Tuesday 5th Nov:

MSFT: this stock continues to look bullish as it approached the key S/R level of $37. A break and close above this level would suggest attempts to regain previous highs of around $60:




YUM: this stock has managed to close the week back above the weekly support trend line. It has also stayed within the range bound by the 23.6% fib level. It is still below the daily Ichimoku Cloud though which is a bit of a concern:



AA: another bullish descending wedge break out story. I'm in on Call options on this stock:

ACI: I'm watching the trend line and Cloud here still. Starting to look interesting!


BTU: looking bullish now too after breaking back above the 200 EMA:


CLF: this took a while to get going after a trend line break but clearing the 200 EMA seems to have helped:


JOY: this seem to have finally cleared the bear trend line and the Ichimoku Cloud:



PFE: holding out nicely from the triangle far:

WEN: looking bullish: