The following testimonials are from satisfied clients.


"Years back I wondered what to do post my retirement from the oil & gas industry. Today, thanks to Mary's guidance & ideas, I am happily earning my $ in the markets. Beats life as an engineer!"

From B W, Singapore



"I find TC Charting very helpful because Mary models consistent trading methodology. Mary's stalking of technical setups and patterns is a real insight into how a technical trader approaches a chart and a trade.  The analysis from large to small time frames give me insight into what price level to enter a position and where to set an exit target. Not only that, on the TC website is a comprehensive explanation of the indicators and methodology Mary is using. This information is laid out in a clear and digestible format, reflecting Mary's scientific and academic background. 

I highly recommend the TC Charting Subscription Service".

From TT, Australia



"I highly recommend the Trade Charting service, it’s an invaluable resource for a very reasonable monthly fee. 

I trade mainly Forex as well as a few other instruments e.g. Gold, Oil & Stock Indices, mostly on a 4 hourly time frame during the European & US Time Zones.  I developed my own trading system over several years and a couple of years ago became aware of Mary McNamara’s analysis and reports through my online provider. 

Mary’s insights into the overall market are always spot on as well as her clear and concise technical analysis of a variety of instruments, over multiple time frames.  Mary’s technical analysis fits well with my trading system, and her Trade Charting reports often highlight items of interest that I may have missed in my own analysis.

The Trade Charting website is also very helpful, and provides a wealth of background information to Mary’s analysis of the markets."

From J F, Australia



     “Trade Charting has been helpful in assessing trends in FX pairs on multiple time frames and I use it regularly to help inform entry and exit points (exhaustion, inflection points). Great value at ~$5 USD / month”

 From A.J. D, USA



"Mary's analysis service has already proven its worth 1 month in, with an excellent insight to the 4 hour gold chart, indicating the recent breakout.  This reiterated my confidence as to the likely direction.  This is exactly the type of analysis that I am looking for."

From G H, Australia.