TL & TC deliver big time on Stock Indices.

Yesterday I posted charts of some of the major stock indices showing price action remaining range-bound in various triangle formations. That landscape has changed significantly following Tuesday's trading session with all of the charts delivering triangle breakouts and the trend lines I had on these charts was most valuable in helping to track these breakout moves.

These breakouts all triggered along with new TC signals on the 15 min chart time frame that would have enabled day traders to easily catch these moves and my new TC Trigger indicator has been a key development here. This post contains updates of the 4hr and 15 minute charts showing these successful breakout moves. 

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S&P500: a 30 point breakout move:

DJIA: a 230 point breakout move:

NASDAQ-100:  a 70 point breakout move. The 15 min chart gave one failed signal but this was closely followed with a better one:

FTSE: an 80 point breakout move:

DAX: a 100 point breakout move on the 4hr chart but there could have been more points picked up from trading the 15 min chart:

ASX-200: a 30 point breakout move: