Triangle Breakout: Examples.

This page contains examples of triangle breakouts patterns that have been profiled on Trade Charting.

Alcoa 2021: This triangle breakout was posted back in October 2020.


AA weekly: as posted on Oct 25th 2020:


AA weekly: as at April 2021:



UBER 2020: This breakout triggered in December 2019 and reached to near the 61.8% fib target by February 2020:


UBER weekly: Dec 2019 trend line breakout:


UBER daily: Feb 2020 trend line breakout target almost reached:



IFM weekly: 2019: This bullish triangle breakout gave up to 110% gain:

IFM weekly: Breakout in Jan 2018:


IFM weekly: a gain of up to 110% by July 2019: