Tech Patterns May 2013

Wednesday 8th May 2013

The previous entries are all still on my watch list. I've just added this one in again too:

X: Elliott Wave suggests further falls but I'm watching the triangle:

Tuesday 7th May 2013:

These stocks are starting to look VERY interesting. They have been posted here before.
AA: getting close to a possible close above the Cloud:


BTU: getting very close to forming a number of bullish signals!

CLF: watching the Cloud here closely:

F: looking bullish as it has broken above the Cloud

GES: this has also had a bullish break above the Cloud:

JOY: watching for any break above the Cloud here:



NTAP: seems to have made a bullish close above the Cloud:



OXY: looking bullish after a break above the Cloud



ACI: getting close to a bullish signal too!


GD: I posted this chart here, back in March, before the breakout. I missed it!

Monday 6th May 2013:

Just some updates on current triangle breakout stocks. Technical analysis in action! This is not hindsight trading. These stocks have been stalked here, along the way, prior to their respective breakouts. The percentage gains on the stocks are most impressive BUT not nearly as much on their possible Option trades. Click on charts to increase the view size:ADBE: A favourite of mine and has risen 38%

AMAT: up 21%

BBY: 58% increase

CPB: 34% increase

JNJ: 27% increase

MCD: a 12 % increase

PEP: a 12% increase

SWY: gave 36% before pulling back

DELL: the most recent triangle break has given up to 40%

HPQ: increase of 50%

MU: up 50%

NKE: rallied 18%

YHOO: up around 25%

Update Thursday 2nd May 2013:

The following stocks are near triangle breaks and have my interest: