TC Examples: Forex.

This page contains some screen shots of typical TC trades: (click on charts to enlarge the view)


September 2020:

GBP/USD: this gave a TL b/o move for 200 pips and this move also delivered a great short term trade opportunity with the break of trend line.

GBP/USD 4hr: the chart from analysis on Thursday 10th September with 1.30 in focus:


GBP/USD 4hr: a rather clean b/o move for 200 pips followed:


GBP/USD 15 min: note the great short-term trade that was on offer here too for up to 4.5 R with the break of this trend line;


April 2020:

AUD/JPY 15 min: a great TC signal that emerged out of a quiet and sideways market that gave 3 R:


April 2020:

Gold 60 min: note the great TC signal that triggered out of a sideways quiet market for relatively low initial Risk. This TC signal has given up to 4 R:


February 2020:

AUD/JPY: The AUD/JPY gave a 4hr chart trend line breakout on Tuesday 18th February and that this also resulted on a TC signal being triggered.

AUD/JPY 4hr: chart before breakout:


AUD/JPY 4hr: chart after the breakout:


AUD/JPY 15 min: this trend line breakout also evolved with a TC signal for around 36 pips that was 3R:


May 2019:

GBP/CHF: a great TC signal here that triggered out of a quiet, sideways market:


October 2018

GBP/USD: I had warned my TC followers over the previous weekend to watch the Cable for any new make or break from the 1.28 level. Price action made a move during the Tuesday 30th session and this gave a great TC signal for 100 pips and 3 R. Even waiting for a range breakout gave the 100 pip tally:


September 2018

S&P500: This gave a great TC signal off the 15 min chart. This was an ideal set up with quiet, sideways price action leading up to the TC signal and offered a low risk and high reward trade for 24 point and 5 R.



DAX-30: The same type of low risk high reward set up triggered on the DAX-30 chart as well for 120 points and 3 R.


GBP/USD: this also gave a great TC signal with a breakout from a narrow trading range giving a huge 130 pip haul for 4.5 R. Note how price stalled at the daily 200 EMA; this would have been a great Take Profit target on the day.



May 2018

Oil: Oil gave a great 4hr chart trend line breakout and TC signal during the third week of May 2018. The TC signal on Oil was a great example of the benefit of waiting for a trend line breakout and new TC signal off a lower time frame chart to deliver great profit.

Oil 4hr: a trend line breakout for 300 pips:

Oil 5 min: there was a TC signal off the 30 minute chart but this needed too large a Stop. Dropping down to the 5 min chart gave a great signal too and for just a Stop of 12 pips. Price action had broken the support trend line but drifted sideways through the Asian session before giving a great TC signal during the European session. This move went on for 300 pips and a fantastic Reward to Risk ration of 25 R!



This trade actually continued in to the next week and by Monday 28th May had given 480 pips for a huge 40 R return on risk:


March 2018

Oil: this gave a great trend line breakout trade in March 2018 for 290 pips and it also triggered two great TC signals as part of this move:

Oil 4hr: after the breakout:

This trend line breakout move also gave two great TC signals along the way on two separate days: one for 160 pips and 4.5 R off the 15' chart and one for 120 pips and 8 R off the 5' chart:

Oil 15 min: 160 pips for 4.5 R on 21/03/18:

Oil 5 min: 120 pips for 8 R on 20/03/18:

 January 2018

EUR/JPY: this TC signal came with a trend line breakout and gave 140 pips for a 4 R trade result:

ASX-200: this 15 min chart TC signal required a small Stop and gave a great 9 R trade result:

December 2017

EUR/AUD: this TC signal came with a small Stop, making for low risk trade entry, and with a break of the major S/R level of 1.55. This trade gave up to 140 pips for a 7 R trade result:

June 2015

GBP/USD: this TC signal came following a channel breakout and has given up to 400 pips:



GBP/JPY: this TC signal came following a flag breakout and has also delivered up to 400 pips: