TWTR: a 37% gain! Told ya’!

I was sledged and insulted mercilessly on Twitter back in July 2017 about my bullish bias on the stock Twitter (TWTR). Over recent weeks though I'm seeing TWTR pop up on numerous feeds about their calls to go LONG but I've been LONG since July. I'm even seeing the same peeps who sledged me being bullish here! As they say though, those who laugh last laugh loudest and, given my break-even is near $18, with yesterday's close at $24.68 my percentage gain is 37% so I'm certainly smiling at a minimum!

TWTR weekly: I entered the stock by selling Puts at $19. I was assigned that same month and sold one round of Calls but will just keep holding now. FWIW: I'm on the lookout for any mean reversion up to previous S/R near the 61.8% fib circa $50: