US CPI in focus

There hasn't been a lot of change since last session and I suspect traders are waiting for guidance from today's US CPI data. The EUR/USD remains heavy and just above 1.15 but, remember, 1.13 is the line in the sand level here. There is US Retail Sales to come this week and Earnings season is getting underway too.


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Data: watch with today's CPI print:


DXY weekly: creeping towards 95 BUT watch to see how today's CPI impacts here.



S&P500 4hr: drifting on low momentum:


ASX-200 4hr: watch for any new TL b/o:


Gold 4hr: ditto:


EUR/USD: holding above 1.15 for now BUT recall the 1.13 is near the daily chart's 61.8% Fibonacci so watch this level for any support, if 1.15 breaks.

EUR/USD 4hr: still the look of a wedge here though:


EUR/USD daily: note how the 61.8% Fib is near 1.13:


Other charts: little changed from yesterday.