US$ dip continues

US$ weakness has continued which helped to trigger the wedge breakout on Gold, new breakouts on AUD pairs and extend gains for the EUR/USD. The risk-on vibe extended to stocks as well with the S&P500 making a new all time high close.


NB: recall there is no update tomorrow and weekend updates will be brief.


Data: Watch today with AUD Trade Balance data and lots of second tier EUR sensitive data.




DXY daily: lower following the weaker than expected US private ADP jobs report:


Trend line breakouts:

Gold 4hr: a wedge b/o for $20. Watch for any push to $1,900 nS/R as this is near the 4hr chart's 61.8% fib:


EUR/USD 4hr: this TL b/o is now up 120 pips:


AUD/USD 4hr: this Bull Flag TL b/o is now up 50 pips:


AUD/JPY 4hr: this 77 TL b/o is now up 40 pips:


USD/JPY 4hr: very messy but a small b/o:


Other markets:

S&P500 4hr: watch for any new TL b/o:


ASX-200 4hr: watch for any new TL b/o:


NZD/USD 4hr: watch for any new TL b/o:


GBP/USD 4hr: watch 1.33 for any new b/o:


GBP/JPY 4hr: watch 140 and 139 for any new b/o: