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This site holds a record of the application of the Trade Charting (TC) system to the analysis and trading of Forex and Stocks / Options / ETFs. Please understand that I am not a licensed financial adviser and that this site is not designed with the intent of offering trade suggestions or advice.  This is simply a site where I post my chart analysis and progress of my TC algorithm and all of the material on my site is intended as being educational.


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  2. How I use the FX Indices to help with Forex trading: Read the page on 'FX Indices'.
  3. How I check overall market sentiment: Read the page 'The Risk On Risk Off Concept'.
  4. The importance of understanding Support and Resistance in all charting. Read the page on 'Support and Resistance'.
  5. How I approach basic Technical Analysis. Read the Page on 'Basic Intro to Technical Analysis'.
  6. How I use Fibonacci retracement to help identify potential profit targets with any charting breakout: Read the page on 'Fibonacci Analysis'.
  7. The TC guide to build your own trading system.
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Members are advised to log-in to the site on a Sunday evening to read my posts of:

  1.  FX Indices Review and
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These posts give my analysis of the key charts for Forex and Stock markets for the week ahead. These posts are member-only access from April 2018.


NB: Please note that prior to April 2014 my blog site was run from a different site and was referred to as TradeSpotting (TS). Thus, posts prior to April 2014 will appear with this terminology rather than TradeCharting (TC).