Oct 2012


The Australian Stock market seems to be under valued when compared to the US Stock market. US stocks have retraced more than 80% off their 2009 lows whereas Aussie Stocks have retraced less than 38.2%:


The Aussie market looks like it MIGHT be poised for a breakout and some stocks are starting to look that way as well. I will note any interesting charts, as I see them, on this page.

Saturday 13/10 12

I’ve updated the charts of the stocks looked at before on the 17/9. Some new ones are in there too.

BHP: has broken out but hasn’t done too much.

MQG: has moved on

NAB: has also broken out and now up

NCM: maybe building up still?

RIO: looking interesting still

WES: hasn’t done too much

QBE: breakout looming?

TSE: maybe a bought Put opportunity!

VOC: a classic breakout and up pattern

WOW: drifting up

CBA: worth watching for a potential breakout and up?

TLS daily: looking bullish?

TLS weekly: a close and hold above $4 would be quite bullish.